Excerpts from PHYSICAL HEALTH:

The physical body is the most important instrument with which we perceive the world around us, express ourselves and act. Therefore, we need to keep it in the best possible condition.

In order to expand a holistic body-mind-spirit system, it should be taken into account that sapiens as conscious beings are an essential part of nature, and that all that exists in the vast cosmic creation also exists within each of us in a minimal form.

In order to expand a holistic body-mind-spirit system, it should be taken into account that sapiens as conscious beings are an essential part of nature, and that all that exists in the vast cosmic creation also exists within each of us in a minimal form.

Dancing in the rhythm of nature

Since all phenomena in nature occur in specific cycles, living beings, as an inseparable part of that same nature, adapt to them according to the biological clock encoded in their bodies. Modern sapiens, in contrast to their ancestors, cannot usually boast of knowledge of nature and its laws.

Surrounded by technological devices by which we try to invent some new life rhythm and rules, we are moving further away from the natural biological clock. It has been scientifically proven that any deviation from the natural circadian rhythm can cause serious health issues such as hormonal imbalance and metabolic disorder…


Air types are very easy to identify because they are very active, fast, light as a feather and changeable like the wind. Because of their fickle nature, it is difficult for them to maintain a routine, so they are always starting something new and rarely finish what they have started. All of this creates additional stress and anxiety for them, to which they are certainly prone even when there is no reason for it…

Fire types are characterized by fiery emotions, ambition and a good focus. They are excellent visionaries and leaders because they know how to engage others and they manage to push everything they get their hands on to the end…

Earth types have strong builds and are stable, strong and resilient. Because of these characteristics, they have more energy than other types. They are mostly phlegmatic, tolerant and patient, typifying the phrase "slow but sure"...

We are what we eat

We often hear the phrase, "you are what you eat". In order to understand what it means, we need to look at the different aspects of food and accept the fact that it is much more than a combination of nutrients.

In most cases, nutritionists define food only according to its physical attributes: the amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals it contains. Although very important, all this information doesn’t give us the full picture because it doesn’t take into account the finer energy aspects of food.

Our physical and mental bodies are formed according to what we put into them. Each food is imbued with a certain energy that affects not only our physical health and current mood but also the formation of mentality on a deeper level…

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition. - Thomas Edison

Food combinations

Ensuring the correct combination of food is very important because many foods are not compatible with each other as they require different enzymes and time for digestion. Each food item has its own taste, warming or cooling properties and post-digestive effect to which we should pay attention when eating them together.

If we mix long-digestible and fast-digestible foods, as well as those with different digestive enzymes, there will be disturbances in the digestive system resulting in poor digestion, weakened absorption of nutrients and fermentation of fast-digestible foods. The gases that are released during the fermentation of food are toxic and are a common cause of headaches, fatigue, constipation and various inflammations.

This chapter dives into food combinations that will transform your meals, boosting your health and energy levels…


Like a baby again

He who only half breathes, only half lives. Vedic proverb

…If we observe babies, we can notice that their bellies rise when they inhale and fall when they exhale. This is proof that we once breathed properly using the diaphragm, which is the only way for the lungs to get the required amount of oxygen. But most of us breathe exactly oppositely. We breathe superficially, raising the chest, while the diaphragm remains inactive. For this reason, we do not get enough oxygen and the lungs are not sufficiently purified…

Proper breathing activates the diaphragm, which during inhalation moves downwards along with the lower part of the ribs as the belly expands. In this way, more oxygen is taken in with less effort and all the internal organs get a massage along the way.

Different types, different hypes

"If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” Hippocrates

The need for physical activity is innate to us and we should use our body in accordance with the capacity that has been assigned to us. Therefore, the same rule applies to physical activities as it does to nutrition: what is good for one person may be bad for another.

This means that exercise also requires an individual approach because each person has a different psycho-physical capacity which cannot be ignored even when it comes to ordinary training or going to the gym. The activities we choose, in addition to the physical level of well-being, should establish proper flow of vital energy through subtle body channels and give satisfaction to the mind.

You can't even sleep the way you want

…If we want to have an invigorating sleep, the head should be turned towards the south and the feet towards the north. In this way, we will properly align with the Earth's poles, while the opposite position of the body (with the head towards the north and the feet towards the south) can strain the heart, brain and nervous system.

The iron in the blood is under the influence of the magnetic field, and facing the opposite of the original charge causes confusion in the bloodstream…

Table of contents:

Characteristics of the elements

Biological energy of AIR
Biological energy of FIRE
Biological energy of EARTH

IT’S QUIZ TIME!! Discover your body type

AIR types
FIRE types
EARTH types


Dancing in the rhythm of nature
Daytime cycles
Nighttime cycles

Watch out, the moon is coming!
New moon
The waxing moon
Full moon
The waning moon

Each season, a story for itself

We are what we eat
A metaphysical meal
Eat good, feel good
Who eats whom?

Six tastes of food

How to match food?
Food combinations
How much to eat?
How to eat?
Feasting is wealth but fasting is health
The health (r)evolution has started… Do you want to take part?
Veggie food for better mood

Regular washing externally and internally

Breathe with the universe!
Deep and rhythmic
Like a baby again

Different types, different hypes

You can't even sleep the way you want

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